Princess Diana, her life and tragic death, and the future of Prince Charles -- an Astrology, New Age, Bible Prophecy, and King James Bible Code analysis

Above: Princess Diana and Prince Charles at the Reagan White House. Credit: National Archives and Records Administration, and the Ronald Reagan Library.

We were all saddened by the tragic death of Princess Diana, who truly was a Saint. Unusual in her astrology was that she was born with a cross-shaped astrology pattern, but there was a bent cross pattern at the time of her death (which was also 1 day away from a partial solar eclipse on Sept. 1, 1997); these astrological patterns seem to symbolize princess diana 's life and her concern for humanity, and her tragic death when so young. Diana's birthday horoscope (July 1, 1961) has a roughly cross-shaped pattern of planets: Venus at 24 degrees Taurus and Neptune at 8 degrees Scorpio are the arms of the cross, there is a grouping of planets in Cancer, Leo, and Virgo at the top of the cross; and another grouping of planets in Aquarius and Capricorn at the bottom of the cross. At Diana's death, August 31, 1997, there is a bent cross pattern, the bottom of the cross being planets in astrology signs Aquarius and Capricorn, the left arm Mars in astrology sign Scorpio and Venus in Libra, the right arm Saturn in Aries, but the top of the cross, the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, is bent off to the left.

Also, Diana and Prince Charles were married on July 29, 1981, and two days later there was a solar eclipse. Dec. 9, 1992, it was announced that Diana and Charles were formally separated, and that night there was a very dark lunar eclipse. There seems to be a connection of Diana and Charles to eclipses, which indicates great importance for humanity. And Countess Sophie of Wessex, wife of the Earl of Wessex, gave birth to a baby girl on the night of a lunar eclipse on November 8, 2003, 4 days after the largest solar flare ever measured on November 4. And the Prince Charles - Camilla Parker Bowles wedding on April 9, 2005, the day after the April 8 2005 solar eclipse. And Prince William was born June 21 1982 on the day of a partial solar eclipse seen in the Atlantic Ocean.

Also unusual, within two weeks of the birthdate of Prince Charles in November 1948, there was a solar eclipse where a bright comet was seen during the eclipse in Africa. This is extremely rare, the only other cases of a bright comet being seen during a solar eclipse in the last 100 years being in March 1997 with Comet Hale-Bopp, and in 1882 during a solar eclipse in Egypt. This may indicate that Prince Charles has an important destiny for the world, far more important than just being King of England. I think that this may indicate that England will have a future role in defending the world from the Forces of Darkness, as England defended the world from the Forces of Darkness during World War 2. Note that within a few months from the 1882 solar eclipse/comet, Franklin Roosevelt was born, who helped save the world for democracy during World War 2. And note the "rose" theme with Roosevelt's name, and with the rose being the symbol of England. So it is interesting that there was a bright comet seen during an eclipse in March 1997.
In Revelation (King James Version) 1:11,18 there are words that Christ tell to the author of Revelation, John: "I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last;...I am he that liveth and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death." Greek, which is the language of the Bible's New Testament including Revelation, has each letter as also a number. Alpha is one, and Omega is 800. The great tragedy in the U.S. in 1996, the crash of Flight 800, would correspond to omega (800). And following Diana's death, the United Kingdom flag, the Union Jack, flew at half-staff; "union" meaning one, this would correspond to alpha. So there were two great tragedies, the death of Diana (the great tragedy of 1997) and Flight 800 (the great tragedy of 1996) corresponding to Alpha and Omega. A connection between these tragedies: Flight 800 was flying to Paris after leaving New York, and Diana's death occurred in Paris.
There was the solar eclipse and cross-shaped Astrology pattern that occured in August 1999, which seemed to indicate ominous events for this world; these ominous events began with September 11, and in August 1999 Russian President Putin, who I think is the Antichrist, first rose to power in Russia.
(Perhaps Princess Diana can be connected to the "Da Vinci Code" legend, described in Dan Brown's novel, where supposedly Mary Magdalen was married to Christ, and traveled to France, and her Christ bloodline has continued through the centuries in Europe. Perhaps Princess Diana was from the Christ bloodline, since she died in France which is linked to the Christ bloodline story?) Consider the astrology patterns:
--an approximate cross-shaped pattern of planets on the date of Diana's birth
-- the bent cross pattern at the day of Diana's death, August 31, 1997. And this was 3 years after an unusual Astrology pattern on August 31, 1994, a grand water trine of 3 planets forming an exact triangle in 3 water signs.

The wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones, Countess Sophie horoscope:
And there was the wedding of Sophie and Prince Edward on June 19, 1999. Concerning this wedding, consider that:
-- Countess Sophie looks enough like Diana to be a virtual clone.
--Note that the wedding was June 19, and the Cassini space probe passed by Venus again on June 24, four days later. Venus being the Goddess of Beauty, Sophie represents Venus.
--Sophie lived for a while in Australia, connecting her to the Southern Cross concept I discuss elsewhere on this web page.
--Note her name "Rhys" is similar to "rose", as Diana was called "England's rose". Sophie was born January 20, 1965, and it may be significant that the great English leader Winston Churchill died 4 days later on Jan. 24, 1965. Sophie and generally the English royal family and England itself may have an important destiny in the near future. Let us remember that in the early years of World War 2 Churchill and England stood alone facing the gates of Hell, saving the world from a new Dark Age. We may see a similar situation in the near future.
Note that Prince Edward is now the Earl of Wessex and Sophie is Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex. A previous Earl of Wessex was King Harold, the Anglo-Saxon king who died at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, when the Normans invaded England. That was the last time England was invaded by a foreign power. This historical link of the Earl of Wessex title, a title that has not been used for centuries, is a link to early England and the days of King Arthur, knights and chivalry.
Winston Churchill was certainly one of the great communicators of this century, and Sophie's birthdate four days before the death of Churchill explains her own work in the area of communications and public relations. The most interesting astrology pattern was not on Sophie's birthdate but 4 days later on Jan. 24 1965, the day of Winston Churchill's death. Checking the astrology pattern for 1/24/65 London 12 noon, and I would connect it with both Sophie and Winston Churchill, there is a powerful grand earth trine of some of the planets in a triangular pattern in the 3 earth signs:
Taurus (Jupiter at 16 degrees)
Capricorn (Mercury-communications 15 deg., Venus 15 deg.)
Virgo (Uranus 14 deg., Pluto 15 deg., Mars 27 deg.)

So I am not surprised to see Sophie described as down-to-earth and liking the outdoors, with 5 of the planets within 1 degree of 15 degrees, 5 of the planets are in an exact Grand Earth trine. In a grand trine the energies multiply, so Sophie will have tremendously high earth energy.

Next, I will show some Bible Code matrices for Princess Diana. See this page on the subject of the Bible code, which is usually done in Hebrew, but on this site I will discuss the English King James Bible code, a way of finding hidden words in the King James Bible by a computer program skipping letter intervals, searching for words. Below is a King James version Bible code matrix, found by searching for PARIS (ELS=1787), PRINCESS, DIANA, DEATH. It is at Joshua 9:20-Judges 1:7, and row splitting was disabled. Also in this matrix: THEIR HEARTS (Diana was called the Queen of Hearts, millions of people were saddened by her death), THE MALE CHILDREN, CHILDREN OF SHE (which could be about Diana's two children).

See this page for more on King James Bible Codes.

The next matrix is similar, at ELS=1, and Ezekiel 45:2-45:17, and contains PRINCESS (ELS=1), DIANA, DEATH, PARIS, OSAMA.

The next matrix on Princess Diana is New Testament containing PRINCESS (ELS=15996), DIANA, DEATH, PARIS. Row splitting was on Auto.

The next Diana matrix was an Old Testament search for SPENCER (Diana's maiden name, at ELS=-4263), and it contains DIANA, PRINCE, WALES. It is at Joshua 24:15-Judges 7:25.

The next Diana matrix was a New Testament search for CAMILLA (ELS=-594, Prince Charles's girlfriend during and after marriage to Diana), and contains also: DIANA, PRINCE, and also the words: KILLED (apparently referring to Diana's death), HEART, BEAUTIFUL (which Diana was), SHOULD SUFFER (which could be a comment on Diana's marriage). It is interesting that CAMILLA and DIANA intersect at the word HEART, where Diana was called the Queen of Hearts, and the Camilla-Diana thing was an affair of the heart. This matrix is at Acts 2:30-4:1.

The next Diana matrix was a new Testament search for ALTHORP (ELS=3062, the large Spencer family estate where Diana lived when young), DIANA, WALES (Diana was Princess of Wales), HARRY (one of Diana's sons, Prince Harry). Row splitting was on Auto, and this matrix was at 2 Timothy 1:5 - 1 Peter 1:6. This matrix includes: THE HOLY PLACE (at Althorp), LAND OF TENDER MERCY, YE WERE ILLUMINATED, YE ENDURED.

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