Virgin Mary Sightings in the U.S.

This site discusses prophecies -- Biblical, King James version English Bible Code, Nostradamus, and other prophecies -- in attempting to predict future world events. Associated with Catholic prophecies are sightings of the Virgin Mary, which have been occurring with increased frequency in recent years. Here we will discuss some recent Virgin Mary sightings in the United States. See this page on a 2004 Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) sighting in Medford Massachusetts at Sacred Heart Church, as a weeping Mary statue.

(1) Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A.. Clearwater is near St. Petersburg and Tampa on the Gulf Coast side of central Florida. An image resembling the Virgin Mary is seen in the reflection of a building in Clearwater. The Madonna image photo below is from 1999. Note that in March 2004 the image was damaged by vandals breaking the glass in the windows. It has been damaged in the past by someone throwing a corrosive liquid at it, but the image later returned. Hopefully the image will return again after the glass is replaced.

Clearwater Virgin Mary image

(2) Milton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.. Beginning in June 2003, an image of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child was noticed in a window at Milton Hospital in Milton Mass., south of Boston. Milton is a suburb of Boston. This window glass apparition has gained international publicity. This Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) image in a window on the second floor is said to be actually caused by a window seal leak resulting in condensation inside the window. The window is by the Eye Health Services clinic, resulting in speculation that the message of the image relates to spiritual vision and that "we must see the truth". Also, there is said to also be an image in the chimney of the building, that looks like the cross, crosses, or another Holy Madonna image of Our Lady. When I visited to see the image on June 26, 2003, I couldn't see an image on the chimney, but others claim to see Christ or crosses on it. Visiting hours to see the window image of the Madonna holding the baby Jesus Christ were cut back to 530-830 PM, so that crowds would not interfere with daytime hospital activities. Large crowds have visited, seeking healing, religious inspiration, messages, and miracles. The Catholic Church's Archdiocese of Boston is said to have investigated the window image, to see if there are signs of the miraculous, or is it simply an image due to chemical deposits in a window where the seal had broken.

Note that former President George Bush was born in Milton Mass., note the importance of both Presidents Bush in defending the U.S.. This Mary sighting being in Milton may relate to Milton's book "Paradise Lost", where Lucifer is seen to fall from heaven. I think this relates to former President and present President Bush seeing Satan rising to power on earth in Iraq as Saddam Hussein and later as Osama bin Laden, and by defeating these evil leaders, both former and present President Bush have made the world a safer place, by destroying evil, and not ignoring it. Perhaps this Mary sighting is a sign of the influence of Christ in Milton Massachusetts, that resulted in a hero being born there, who along with his son would help bring peace and security to this nation and the entire world. Two heroes were born in neighboring towns in the Boston area: John F. Kennedy in Brookline, and George Bush in Milton. Both men were destined to be war heroes during World War 2, and were destined to be Presidents of the U.S.. I think this is what this Milton Virgin Mary image is about -- a sign of God's grace and intervention in the world today.
Below are some photos taken on June 26, 2003, of the Milton Hospital window, the chimney near it where images are also said to be seen, and also Milton Hospital itself, and Houghton's Pond in the Blue Hills reservation park in Milton (which you should also visit if you travel to Milton). I couldn't see any images in the chimney, but others said they saw crosses or Christ on it. But I think the window does look like a Virgin Mary image.

The Mary window image:

The covered window, before the unveiling at 530 PM of the Holy Mother Madonna and Christ child apparition:

The wall below the image:

The chimney:

Milton Hospital:

Below: Houghton's Pond at the Blue Hills Reservation park in Milton. You can visit this area, go swimming in this pond which has full facilities, and go hiking on trails in the Blue Hills Reservation. If you are traveling a long ways to see the Milton Hospital image, then I would recommend also stopping at the Blue Hills Reservation Houghtons Pond. It is a very beautiful location in Milton that you travelers to Milton Hospital should definitely stop and see, it is right off a Route 128/93 exit. Swim in its water, or just walk a bit in its water, and see its great beauty. Houghton's Pond and the Blue Hills Reservation are part of the magic and beauty of Milton.

More photos, 2nd page at the Milton Hospital Mary sighting

More photos and an area map, 3rd page at the Milton Hospital Mary sighting

Also, see my page on the Bridgewater Triangle, an area centered in the Hockomock Swamp in Bridgewater that has had sightings of all kinds of strange creatures including Bigfoot, giant snakes, and Thunderbirds. Bridgewater is only about 15 miles South of Milton, and the Route 138 highway goes through the Hockomock Swamp and also through Milton.

Other pages on Massachusetts: Salem, Newburyport, High Rock in Lynn, Cape Cod, Concord.

(3) Medford, Massachusetts. A BVM was reported at Sacred Heart Church in Medford Massachusetts in March 2004. This BVM was in the form of a Virgin Mary statue outside this Catholic Church, that was seen weeping. This church was set to close soon, and did close on July 25 2004, and the crying statue shedding tears was believed by some to be related to the church closing, the Blessed Mother crying over that and the scandal that has rocked the Church in recent years. Crowds started showing up to see the statue on March 3 2004. See this page for photos.

(4) Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A. Another BVM sighting in New England, was a 1999 event in Colt Park, Hartford, Conn.. Beginning in August 1999 people claimed to see Virgin Mary images in trees in Colt Park, see this page for 2003 photos of the Hartford BVM shrine and Colt Park. Supposedly a locust tree was where she was seen, and people built a makeshift shrine there. In October 1999 the city dismantled the shrine, as an illegally built building. See my page on the August 1999 Grand Cross planetary alignment. Note that Colt Park was named for Samuel Colt, gun manufacturer, famous resident of Hartford.

(5) Colchester Connecticut. There was an explosion that leveled St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church, on Sept. 10 2004, but a Virgin Mary statue next to the church miraculously survived the explosion undamaged. This page has photos.

Past Mary sightings and prophecies:

Here we will discuss some major Mary sightings of the past, and associated prophecies.

(1) Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. Three children claimed to see the Virgin Mary. Prophecies were received by these children. Two of the children died in 1919-20 of the flu epidemic then. The third child became a nun.
Note: May 13 2017 was the 100 years anniversary of the Marian Mary apparitions at Fatima on May 13 1917. A Catholic prophecy, also from Medjugorie, is that this ends the 100 years period of rule of Satan in the world, that included Communism and World War 2 (Hitler). That Satan has a reign of 100 years. So the 100th anniversary of Fatima is a significant date, this may relate to who the Amertican President was then, and the dark and disturbing things that happened from 2017-2020, ending with the events of January 6 2021.

(2) Garabandal, Spain, in 1961. Four young girls had visions, over a period of years. They received prophecies of frightening disastrous events in the future:
-- First comes The Warning, an event to be seen in the sky, that is like fire, and will be seen around the entire world. It appears to be an astronomical event such as a comet or asteroid passing by earth.
-- Within a year of The Warning, another event that is a great miracle will occur. And Russia will see conversion to the Church after the Miracle happens.
-- A terrible disaster will later hit earth, with up to 2/3 of the human race destroyed.

(3) Finca Betania, Venezuela, beginning in 1976. A young girl, Maria, sees visions of Mary and receives prophecies. The prophecies told of a war in the 1990s in Asia and the former Soviet Union.

(4) Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, beginning in 1981. Six young people were said to see visions of Mary and receive messages from her. These events continued for years, and many books have been written about it. Millions of people have visited the site of these visions. Resulting from these messages are said to be 10 secrets of Medjugorie, which supposedly say that the world will receive three warnings before a great catastrophic disaster hits earth. Note that in later years there was a catastrophic civil war in Yugoslavia in that general area of the world.

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