Virgin Mary Sighting in Milton Mass., More Photos

This site discusses prophecies -- New age, Biblical, Nostradamus, and Astrological -- in attempting to predict future world events. Associated with Catholic prophecies are sightings of the Virgin Mary, which have been occurring with increased frequency in recent years.

In Milton, Massachusetts, beginning in June 2003, an image of the Virgin Mary and Child was noticed in a window at Milton Hospital in Massachusetts, south of Boston. It has gained international publicity. This image in a window on the second floor is said to be actually caused by a window seal leak resulting in condensation inside the window. This page continues a discussion of this image begun on this page. And see this page for more photos.

Below are some photos taken on June 26, 2003, of the Milton Hospital window, the chimney near it where images are also said to be seen, the unveiling of the image at 530PM, and also Milton Hospital itself. I couldn't see any images in the chimney, but others said they saw crosses or Christ on it. But I think the window does look like a Virgin Mary image.

The Mary window image:

The covered window, before the unveiling at 530 PM:

The wall with the image covered:

The chimney:

Milton Hospital:

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