Virgin Mary Sightings in Hartford

This site discusses prophecies -- New age, Biblical, Nostradamus, and Astrological -- in attempting to predict future world events. Associated with Catholic prophecies are sightings of the Virgin Mary, which have been occurring with increased frequency in recent years.

In Milton, Massachusetts, beginning in June 2003, an image of the Virgin Mary and Child was noticed in a window at Milton Hospital in Massachusetts, south of Boston. It has gained international publicity. See this page for more on the Milton BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) image.

Beginning in 1999, there were sightings of BVMs in Hartford Connecticut, either seeing Mary in trees or near trees at night. A photo of the BVM shrine in Hartford, in Colt Park, a photo of the park and a closeup of the tree associated with the BVM, are shown below. This BVM shrine is set in trees by the park. Some people say you can see the Virgin Mary in the trees shown here, others say it appears as a BVM image at night near these trees. This dates back to August 1999, when a small building for the shrine was built, and crowds appeared to see it, but the building was later dismantled by the city in October 1999. Note that August 1999 was at the time of the Grand Cross planetary alignment I discuss on this site. Note that Colt Park is named for the gun manufacturer, and the building with a Moslem-looking dome in the photo here is actually the former Colt gun manufacturing plant.

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