A Virgin Mary Statue survives an Explosion at the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Colchester Connecticut

This Revelation13.net site discusses prophecies, in attempting to predict future world events. Associated with Catholic prophecies are sightings of the Virgin Mary, which have been occurring with increased frequency in recent years. This site includes photos and discussion of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On September 10 2004 there was an explosion from a propane tank at St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Colchester Connecticut. The church was blown up to rubble, but a Virgin Mary statue at the church survived undamaged. The photos below were taken on Oct. 30 2004, when all the church rubble had been removed. You can see the BVM statue is completely undamaged, and there appears to be a tear stain below her eye. The statue surviving the blast undamaged has been called a miracle. People from all over have traveled to see it. And note that the explosion occurred the day before the September 11 anniversary. Shown below are photos of the Mary statue which survived, and the church site.

The Mary statue:

Mary statue closeup, note the tear below her eye:

The plate at the bottom of the statue:

The former church site area:

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