Will the Antichrist Rise to Power in Russia? A List of Dates and Events in Russian and Soviet Union History.

Calendar of critical events in Russian and Soviet Union history, related to this web site's discussion of the probable rise to power of the Antichrist in Russia, as Russian President Putin:

Jan. 10, 1869. Gregory Efimovich Rasputin was born in Siberia in the village of Prokovske. Rasputin called himself an Orthodox priest and had his own version of religion. He eventually became spiritual advisor and healer to Empress Alexandra, wife of the last Czar Nicholas. Interesting because of the similarity of his name to Putin, and because Rasputin was a type of "False Prophet" to the Czar's family.
Dec. 21, 1879. Stalin born in Gori, Georgia.
Feb. 10, 1904. Japan-Russia war begins.
Jan. 22, 1905. "Bloody Sunday", a peaceful march by protestors in St. Petersburg is crushed by the czar's troops.
July 24, 1905. Czar Nicholas of Russia has a meeting with Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm.
Aug. 19, 1905. Czar Nicholas establishes the a Russian Parliament, the Duma.
Sept. 5, 1905. A treaty ends the war between Russia and Japan.
June 9, 1908. England's King Edward visits Russia.
Dec. 16, 1916. Rasputin murdered by his enemies.
March 15, 1917. Czar Nicholas abdicates.
Nov. 1, 1917. Bolshevik Communists come to power in Russia.
July 17, 1918. Czar Nicholas and his family are executed by the communists.
Dec. 30, 1922. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics announced, actually realized on July 6, 1923.
1926. The trial in the Soviet Union of a peasant named Fyodor Rybalkin, who a small Russian sect called the Fyodorovtsy believe was Christ returned, who performed miracles. Rybalkin was a soldier in World War 1, started preaching after the war, and later was jailed by Soviet authorities. In 1929, 2000 of his followers were jailed, and some were shot. The sect followers believe that Rybakin will return to earth soon as the second coming of Christ, and will perform the Judgement Day on the world. Since this sect prohibits marriage, their numbers are declining. They also do not watch television, and just read their religious literature. They are actually similar to the Shakers religious sect that existed in New England in the U. S..

Feb. 1, 1931. Boris Yeltsin born in Butka, Russia.
March 2, 1931. Mikhail Gorbachev born in Privolnoye, Russia.
Aug. 23, 1939. The Soviet Union and Germany signed a Non-Aggression Treaty. It lasted for an approximate 666 day interval until June 22, 1941, when the German invasion of Russia began. This broke up the German-Soviet iron-clay Fascism-Communism union, and this eventually resulted in Hitler's defeat. If Hitler had not attacked Russia, he likely would have conquered the world, because he had then the iron-clay 666 Satanic power. Fortunately for the human race he did attack Russia then, and eventually lost the war. It is interesting that this treaty lasted approximately 666 days.
Feb. 2, 1943. The German Sixth Army surrenders at Stalingrad, the beginning of the end for Hitler. Note that this was 3 1/2 years, or 42 months, after the August 1939 Hitler-Stalin Nonaggression Treaty signing. In Revelation 13:5 the Antichrist is said to be in power 42 months. And this period of maximum power for Hitler also lasted for 42 months.
Feb. 14, 1945. Dresden, Germany was firebombed by U.S. and U.K. bombers. Dresden was a historic city with no military targets or war industry, so this air strike was an apparent "shock treatment" to encourage the Germans to surrender, although surrender did not occur because of Hitler's insanity. Notable as the most extreme case in World War 2 of sending a city up in flames by conventional bombing, only surpassed by the U.S. dropping the A-Bomb on two Japanese cities. (My personal view is that the Germans deserved the firebombing of Dresden, as Japan deserved the A-Bomb as a payback for Pearl Harbor. Fortunately the A-Bomb "shock treatment" did result in the Japan surrendering, likely saving hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese lives by making an invasion of Japan unecessary, but such efforts were hopeless with Hitler). The importance of the bombing of Dresden to this discussion, is that Russian President Putin was stationed in Dresden as his KGB assignment. If Putin is the Antichrist, then thinking of him coming out of Dresden which had seen the "fires of Hell" in this World War 2 bombing of the city. Note that the Feb. 14, 1945 Dresden bombing was 2x666 days after the Russian invasion of Germay began on June 22, 1941, and 3x666 days after the Hitler-Stalin Nonaggression Treaty was signed on Aug. 23, 1939.
Oct. 7, 1952. Russian President Putin born in St. Petersburg, Russia, just before Julian Year 6666 began. Note the H-Bomb was first exploded in Nov. 1952.
April 25-26, 1986. Chernobyl in the Ukraine, the world's worst nuclear accident.
March 26, 1989. The results of Russia's first free election in 70 years rejected Communism, and elected dissidents including Boris Yeltsin.
July 12, 1990. Yelstin quits the Communist Party, so that he can govern the Russian Republic.
April 7, 1991. Russian Orthodox Easter coincided with the Russian Orthodox Feast of the Annunciation. In Russia this was considered an omen of disaster, the last time these two holidays coincided was in 1937, at the time of Stalin's purges and just before World War 2 began. This again turned out to be an omen of disaster, with Yeltsin's destruction of the Russian economy over the next 9 years.
August 19-21, 1991. A failed coup d'etat in Russia against Gorbachev accellerated the end of the Communist Party's dominance of Russian politics. Note this was exactly 8 years before the Aug. 18, 1999 Grand Cross planetary alignment, at the time of the elevation of Vladimir Putin, probable Antichrist, to being Russia's second-in-command, beginning the rise of the Antichrist in Russia.
Aug. 29, 1991. The Communist Party activities are suspended by the Soviet Parliament.
Dec. 25, 1991, the Soviet Union breaks up, and the Confederation of Independent States is formed by Yeltsin. Note that the empire of the Antichrist was formed on (Western) Christmas Day.
March 1993. Discovery of a supernova in the Great Bear constellation may relate to the angry "Bear" Russia now forming.
July 18, 1993. Descendants of the last Czar's royal family visit Ekaterinburg, in Siberia, on the 75th anniversary of the last Czar's death.
Sept. 21, 1993, Yeltsin dissolves Parliament, and Oct. 3 a minor military conflict in Moscow results at the Parliament Building.
Oct. 23, 1993. Yeltsin visits Yaroslavl, named for Prince Yaroslav the Wise, a unifier of Russia 900 years before.
Dec. 12, 1993. Approval of Russia's new constitution gives Yeltsin wide powers.
Aug. 31, 1994. Yeltsin was in Germany, as the last Russian soldiers left Germany, ending a Russian armed presence in East Germany that had existed since World War 2. Note that on this day there was an unusual Astrology pattern, a Grand Trine of major planets in three water signs forming a triangle pattern, exact within one degree. I would associate this Astrology pattern with the rise of the Antichrist in Russia.
Dec. 11, 1994. Russia sends its army into Chechnya to stop its attempt at independence.
June 14, 1995. Stalin's grandson begins a movement to restore the memory of Stalin (so what if he murdered millions of Russians?), and to prepare the way for another like him (which could turn out to be Putin).
July 3, 1996. Yeltsin is reelected.
July 17, 1998. The last Czar is officially buried in St. Petersburg.
Nov. 6, 1996. Yeltsin has a 5-bypass heart operation. Five has a Pentagon and therefore Satanic association.
Dec. 25, 1998. (Christmas in the West). Russia and Belarus sign an agreement to eventually merge their countries. If this should happen, this will be a key event, in giving the red 10 horned beast the correct number of horns, and if you look at the shapes of the countries, the "Beast" Russia needs a head, Belarus will give it a head. (See the page on New Age geography on how shapes of countries may relate to their history). Expect a smarter, angrier, and more dangerous Russian bear if it merges with Belarus. Although in 2002 the union idea had slowed down because Putin said Belarus would have to be in a subordinate position as another Russian province, but more economic union is continuing to increase and eventual political union is possible, because Belarus needs Russia's economic help.

Dec. 27, 1998. Russia annouces it will put on active duty the first regiment of its new ICBM Missle (capable of striking the U.S.). It seems that cash-strapped Russia can find the money to modernize its nuclear arsenal.
Jan. 5, 1999. One of Russia's oldest and most famous churches, the Church of the Intercession on the River Nerl, has stolen from it crosses, icons, and other objects. It was built in 1165, near the city of Vladimir (note this is Putin's first name), about a hundred miles East from Moscow.
Feb. 4, 1999. A Russian space mirror fails to unfold into a mirror. It was the prototype of a plan to have mirrors in space to send light to cities in the far north. Note that "Satan comes as an angel of light."
Aug. 9, 1999. Putin becomes Russian Prime Minister at the time of the Aug. 11 solar eclipse over Europe (including part of Germany), and the Aug. 18 Grand Cross Astrology pattern, that I have connected with the rise of the Antichrist.
Sept. 30, 1999. Ground forces are sent into Chechnya, to stop its attempt at independence.
Dec. 14, 1999. Russia's Parliament lower house does not approve a nuclear weapons reduction agreement with the U.S., and it approves merging with Belarus.
Dec. 31, 1999. Putin becomes Acting Russian President with Yeltsin retiring, as the new millennium begins (although actually the Millennium didn't begin until Jan. 1, 2001).
Jan. 6, 2000. Yelsin visits the Holy Land, including Jerusalem, a week after resigning as Russian President.
Jan. 26, 2000. Putin is elected head of the 12 nation Commonwealth of Independent States.
Jan. 14, 2000. Acting President Putin announces a new Russian security doctrine allowing Russia to use nuclear weapons first in time of war.
Jan. 17, 2000. Palestinian police take over the Russian Church in Jericho, Israel, and hand it over to the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow, at the request of Moscow's Orthodox Church.
Feb. 10, 2000. Red China has bought two modern destroyer ships from Russia, the first sailing to China this week.
March 26, 2000. Putin wins the Russian Presidential Elections.
April 18, 2000. Putin visits London England.
April 22, 2000. A Japanese fishing boat near disputed islands is fired at and seized by Russia's Coast Guard.
May 7, 2000. Putin inaugurated as Russian President President, 2 days after the May 5, 2000 rare alignment of the planets in a row.
May 10, 2000. Putin selects Mikhail M. Kasyanov, an economics expert, as Russia's new Prime Minister, Putin's second-in-command.
May 12, 2000. Russian security forces raid and terrorize people at the offices of Russia's largest media company, that owns a TV network and radio station. President Putin apparently expressing his opinion on "Freedom of the Press".
May 13, 2000. Putin creates seven districts in Russia, which may be the seven heads of the seven head, 10 horn red beast.
July 27, 2000. After discussions with Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister, Putin recommends ending U.N. sanctions on Iraq.
Aug. 14, 2000. The Russian Orthodox Church canonizes Russia's last Czar Nicholas.
Aug. 28, 2000. Moscow's television tower, the 1771 foot Ostankino Tower, the world's second tallest building, burns up in a fire like a giant torch. I would relate to this height number (1771), Biblical passage Revelation 17:7 (King James Version):
"I will tell thee of the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns."
Translation: the woman is Europe, the beast is Russia and the other C. I. S. countries. The beast comes out of the bottomless pit (pit -- Putin).
Dec. 1, 2000. Meeting in Belarus of the twelve Commonwealth of Independent States countries, including Russia.
Dec. 5, 2000. President Putin suggests that Russia bring back the Soviet National Anthem, and the Czarist flag.
Dec. 9, 2000. President Putin's proposal to bring back the old Stalinist National Anthem is approved by the Russian Parliament.
Dec. 14, 2000. The last working nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in the Ukraine was shut down.
Dec. 29, 2000. Russia-Iran agreement on military and security partnership, and a Russian booster rocket carrying six satellites crashes to earth.
Jan. 13, 2001. Russia and China treaty negotiations are underway. The Antichrist gets power from the dragon (Red China).
April 10, 2001. Russian President Putin and German Chancellor Schroeder met in St. Petersburg, Russia. Schroeder's second visit to Moscow in four months, increasingly close ties between Russia and Germany. Europe I believe is the woman "Babylon" that rides the ten-horn beast of the Antichrist, Putin. So there will be increasingly close ties between Europe and Russia. And its interesting that this conference occurred during Easter week, which relates to he Antichrist idea.
April 17, 2001. Russian managers at a TV network are facing prison time for helping employees of NTV, a Russian TV station that was a victim of government takeover. This is actually Putin getting rough in his establishing dictatorship in Russia by taking over the news media there.
April 26, 2001. Ukraine's Prime Minister, Viktor Yushchenko, was voted out by a no-confidence vote backed by the Communists. This indicates a resurgence in Communist support in the Ukraine. Interesting that this date was the 15th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in the Ukraine. See the mainpage on Russia where I discuss how the Commonwealth of Independent States will combine Fascism and Communism, as iron and clay, so Communism will still be around to some degree in the C.I.S..
June 15, 2001. Russia, Red China, and four other Asian nations form the Shanghai military alliance against the U.S.. Note that June 13, 2001, Mars, the planet associated with war, was at astronomical opposition, the brightest in 13 years. Also, on June 15, 2001, Putin was successful in advancing a legalized land sale law through the Russian Parliament, which will be a step in reforming Russia's economy. Inability to sell land there had contributed greatly to the economic and social chaos in Russia over the ten years before then.
July 16, 2001. Putin and Red China's leader meet and they sign a Friendship Treaty in Moscow. The bear-dragon alliance continues. And on July 20, the Chinese and Ukraine President's met and issued a statement opposing the U.S..
Aug. 17, 2001. It was announced to the world that the tomb of Ghenghis Khan was being searched for in Mongolia. This may relate to President Putin and the "King of Terror" Nostradamus prophecy. And note this was 2 years after the Grand Cross planetary alignment in August 1999, at the time President Putin began his rise to power.
Oct. 8, 2001. The sunken Russian submarine Kursk was raised, likely to indicate significant events will occur soon for Russian President Putin, see this page on the movie "The Hunt for Red October", about a Russian submarine with a political officer on board named Putin.
Jan. 21, 2002, there was an appeal by Palestinian leader Arafat to Russian President Putin to become involved in the Mideast Peace process.
January 22, 2002. And on Jan. 22, 2002, Russia shut down TV6, the only remaining nationwide independent television station, as Putin increased his control of Russia in his effort to achieve a total dictatorship there.
May 13, 2002. The Russia and U.S. agreement on a treaty to greatly reduce the number of the nuclear weapons. On May 24, 2002, a Russia-U.S. arms reduction treaty is signed.
May 28, 2002. Russia joins NATO as a limited participant, not a full member.
June 13, 2002. President Putin said Russia will not unite with Belarus and allow Belarus to be an equal partner, Belarus would have to become a Russian province. Belarus reacted by saying they will not agree to this. So political union between the two countries has slowed down but still could eventually occur, out of economic necessity since Belarus needs Russia's economic help. It seems that economic integration of the two countries will continue and eventually after several years political integration may occur.
Aug. 15, 2002. Putin again proposes that Russia unite with Belarus. Also, near Moscow there was smoke from peat fires.
March 5, 2003. 50th anniversary of death of Stalin is celebrated in Russia. In March 2003, Russia along with France and China opposed U.S. military action on Iraq. Also Putin is revising Russia's legal system, for smaller sentences for minor offences, and also Putin has increased the powers of Russia's FSB security agency, similar to Soviet Union times. And in March 2003 it was announced by Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan that they plan to set up an economic union of their countries similar to the Economic Community in Europe. There was even talk of further integration of former Soviet States. And near March 19, the Russian Parliament postponed indefintely approving a nuclear arms treaty with the U.S., because of Iraq.
April 12, 2003. The leaders of France, Germany, Russia met in St. Petersburg Russia to discuss the future of Iraq, they all having opposed the U.S. and U.K. invasion of Iraq.
April 18, 2003. It was reported in the news that Sergei Yushenkov, a Russian politician, had been shot and killed. He was a critic of Putin.
May 27, 2003. A big celebration event in St. Petersburg, Russia, for its 300th birthday.
June 1, 2003. At the G8 meeting in France, a US-Russia arms reduction treaty was signed.
June 24, 2003. President Putin visited the U.K, the first official visit to England by a Russian or Soviet leader in this century. Note that Saturn (Satan) was then in conjunction with the sun.
July 4, 2003. A Muslim terrorist explosion at a rock concert in Russia.
July 26, 2003. It is reported

that Russia is buying SS-19 ballistic missles from Ukraine, to increase its missle force, since Russia's development of the new Topol-M missle has encountered problems. Also, it was announced by Russia that a new nuclear missle carrying sub would be added to their Navy by 2006.
August 10, 2003. A Russian astronaut is married in space on the International Space Station.
August 20, 2003. The 35th anniversary of the Soviet Union's invasion and crackdown of Czechoslavakia.
Sept. 24, 2003. Russia announces that the Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama will not be allowed to visit Russia, as had been planned. Russia did not want to anger Red China. A closer Russia-China bear-dragon alliance is likely in the future.
Oct. 13, 2003. Russia, the world's second largest oil exporter, said that oil prices were too high, criticizing the oil cartel for keeping prices high. Lower oil prices will help the U.S. and world economies. Putin helping the world economy: "Satan comes as an angel of light". Also in October: the arrest in Russia of a billionaire oil tycoon caused financial fears in Russia. And a dispute between Ukraine and Russia over a Crimean island increased tension between these two countries. Putin is likely to try to gain increased control over other former Soviet Union countries.
October 30, 2003. The Russian high court struck down a law that had been signed by Putin, that had greatly restricted press coverage of election campaigns. A case of Putin reigning in Freedom of the Press in Russia.
Nov. 3, 2003. Putin met with Israel's Prime Minister in Moscow.
Putin was promoting an Arab-Israel peace plan.
Nov. 4, 2003. Putin arrived in Rome, on the day of the largest solar flare in history, see the Putin page for more on this.
Dec. 7, 2003. Russian Parliamentary elections, that increased Putin's hold over Russia.
December 2003. Saturn was high in the sky (its highest point in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere in 30 years) and at opposition Dec. 31, 2003. Also on Dec. 6-7 there were Parliamentary elections in Russia that were allegedly rigged by a Putin controlled press, that increased Putin's control over Russia's parliament through his party United Russia. This was a critical step in Putin gaining dictatorial power over Russia.
Dec. 23, 2003. It was announced that Russia is deploying new Topol-M strategic nuclear missles.
Jan. 31, 2004. It was announced by Russia that their nuclear forces will stage a large nuclear war exercise in February, with bombers flying and missles test-fired. This is unusual since such a military exercise has no value in the war against Muslim Terrorism, so this indicates Russia is building up its nuclear forces for possibly a new Cold War against the West. This is confirming what this site has been saying for years: the Antichrist will come out of Russia, and Russia will again become an angry bear and a threat to the West. Note that Jan. 27, 2004, was the 60th anniversary of the end of the siege of Leningrad during World War 2. And at the end of January 2004, Russia protested to the U.S. over U.S. military bases near Russia.
Feb. 12, 2004. Putin gave a speech where he called the collapse of the Soviet Union a "national tragedy".
March 14, 2004. Putin was re-elected in Russia, as there was a large fire in a historic building in Moscow; apparently it symbolized the "fires of Hell" that Putin comes out of. "Beware the Ides of March".
May 7, 2004. Putin began his second four year term as President of Russia. Note that this was three days after the May 4 lunar eclipse, and as three comets were visible, possibly representing the Unholy Trinity (the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and Satan the Dragon).
July 12, 2004. The Russian government attempted to control a banking crisis in Russia. The week before there was a run on banks in Russia.
July 14, 2004. The trial in Russia of the richest man in Russia, an oil billionaire. Apparently this is part of Putin's efforts to gain more control over Russia's economy and government.
July 25, 2004. The remains of Elizabeth, the sister of the last czar's wife Alexandra, were returned to Russia from Jerusalem. The Grand Duchess Elizabeth had been killed by the Communists in 1918, and she was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church.
Sept. 1, 2004. A terrorist invasion of a school in Russia, which ended with an explosion.
Sept. 13, 2004. Putin proposed changes to Russia's political system, as an anti-terror plan, but these changes would concentrate more political power in Putin's hands. He proposed no longer having elections for the governors of the 89 regions of Russia, but rather have Putin appoint these local governors. This would give Putin much more control over Russia's local government, and would be a major step in making Russia a Hitler-like dictatorship under Putin.
Oct. 16, 2004. Belarus, Russia's neighbor, had a vote by President Lukashenko to make himself President for life, and therefore dictator of Belarus; he said he won this vote and therefore will stay in power for life. Protests result from the rigged election.
Nov. 17, 2004. Putin said that Russia is developing a new more advanced nuclear missle, that has the ability to maneuver in flight.
Nov. 25, 2004. Putin and the European Union ended talks trying to reach a "strategic partnership", without an agreement.
Nov. 28, 2004. The Vatican gave to the Orthodox Church (which includes the Russian Orthodox Church) the remains of two early Christian Saints. These remains had previously been stored at Constantinople, center of the Orthodox Church, before it was overrun by the Muslims centuries ago. This was a gesture of friendship by the Vatican to help promote Christian Unity.
Dec. 13, 2004. Protest in Russia over Putin signing into law a change in government, where Putin can appoint local governors. This is seen as a step towards a Putin dictatorship.
Dec. 26, 2004. The Ukraine rerun election, which Viktor Yushchenko won.
Feb. 24, 2005. Putin says that Russia will not turn back from democracy.
March 18, 2005. A joint news conference of the leaders of Spain, Germany, France and Russia, which discussed among other issues keeping Iran from getting nuclear weapons. An indication of a new friendship between Russia and Europe.
March 10, 2005. After Chechnya Muslim terrorist leader Aslan Maskhadov was killed in Russia by the Russian military, the Chechnyan rebels promised a "holy war" of retaliation against Russia.
April 26-29, 2005. Putin visits Cairo Egypt and Israel, during Passover. This is very significant, the Antichrist in Israel. And Putin visiting Cairo is significant because of his connection to the Egyptian Sun deity Ra, and the Pyramids are at the base of the "diamond" shape, as explained on this page. Will Putin represent the Pharoah in Egypt in the time of Moses; will 10 plagues strike soon? On April 29, 2005, Putin offered to the Palestinians security aid, helicopters and other equipment, and offered to host a Mideast Peace Conference.
May 8, 2005. President Bush and Putin talked in Russia.
May 25, 2005. Electric power failures widespread in and near Moscow in Russia, after a problem at an electric substation. Transportation was disrupted around Moscow.
June 4, 2005. A story in the news of the disappearance of a lake in Russia, White Lake near Bolotnikovo, that dried up overnight. Perhaps the water was drained off through an underground channel that opened up. An ominous sign?
Aug. 18, 2005. Russia and Red China began joint military exercises off a Chinese Peninsula, the first they have ever had joint military execises. Both Russia and China belong to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO),which also includes four Central Asian former Soviet nations. This is the Dragon-Bear alliance of the Antichrist.
Sept. 9, 2005. In Ukraine, President Yushchenko dismissed the government because of corruption charges.
Sept. 28, 2005. Russia test fired a new submarine launched ballistic missle, the Bulava SS-NX-30, with multiple nuclear warheads.
Oct. 3, 2005. In Belarus, the political opposition announced its plan to challenge in next year's election President Lukashenko.
Oct. 26, 2005. A meeting in Moscow of the 6 nation Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), consisting of Russia, China, and 4 central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. SCO is forming a military alliance led by Russian President Putin, to counter U.S. influence in the world. India, Pakistan, and Iran were observers at this meeting. Likely this is the beginnings of a new 10 horned beast led by the Antichrist Putin.
March 5, 2006. In the U.S., the Council of Foreign Relations report concluded that Russia is headed for increasing dictatorship with widespread corruption under Putin, and that the U.S. should be careful on partnership with Russia. It concluded that Russia is becoming an obstacle to U.S. interests in some areas, while helpful in other areas, so "selective cooperation" with Russia is recommended.
April 21, 2006. A magnitude 7.7 earthquake in the Far East part of Russia.
May 11, 2006. Putin said that Russia will increase its military forces and weapons, to keep up with the U.S.. Most interesting was his comparing the U.S. to a wolf, as in Russian Fairy Tales, and his statement: "Comrade Wolf knows how to swallow...He swallows without listening to anyone". Putin indicated that Russia would modernize its strategic nuclear forces, missles, planes, and submarines, to counter the U.S.. Also, to help stop Russia's decline in
population, Putin proposed payments for new mothers in Russia. Note that Russia's population is now 142 million, and the last 2 digits 42 are associated with the Antichrist, since he is in power 42 months in Revelation 13.
May 13, 2006. Putin said he will name his choice of his successor for Russian President in the 2008 Russian election. He has indicated that he will not attempt to change the Russian Constitution to allow him to seek a 3rd term as Russian President.
May 25, 2006. A journalist in Russia got in trouble for ridiculing Putin's plan to pay Russian women to have more children. This shows that Putin is very intolerant of criticism.
July 4, 2006. At a meeting in Russia of religious leaders from around the world, Putin talked about the need for peace and unity between religions, particularly between Christians and Muslims.
July 9, 2006. Russia and the U.S. announced a civilian nuclear power cooperatiom agreement. Also, a plane crash in Siberia in Russia.
July 15, 2006. The G-8 economic summit began in St. Petersburg Russia, hosted by Russian President Putin. This is a new high point for Putin as the Antichrist, as host of the G8 conference meeting of leading economic powers. The importance of Russia in the economic world is that Russia is the leading Natural Gas supplier for the world. If Middle East oil supplies get too expensive or cut off then Putin could help the world avoid economic disaster by supplying Natural Gas LNG to the world. By controlling Natural Gas supplies to the world, this is a way Putin can control the world economy. Putin also discussed at this summit the Middle East which was then headed towards war, Putin may have a role as peacemaker in the Middle East.
July 26, 2006. A large fire severely damaged the Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg Russia, a large cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. The main dome of the church collapsed. Putin is from St. Petersburg, and belongs to the Russian Orthodox faith and appears to be very religious, so this fire could relate to Putin rising to power as Antichrist. Also Russia said it opposed sanctions against Iran because of Iran's nuclear program.
August 22, 2006. A Russian passenger plane crashed in the Ukraine, it was going from a Black Sea resort to St. Petersburg in Russia.
August 26, 2006. Russia said it opposes sanctions against Iran.
August 30, 2006. In Russia the merger of three small political parties, and it probably is to strengthen Putin's political power.
October 7, 2006. Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was murdered in Russia, shot to death by an unkown assassin. She been a critic of Putin's abuse of human rights.
October 20, 2006. Putin talked about a conflict between Georgia and Russia.
October 21, 2006. Condoleeza Rice in Russia talked with Putin and discussed preventing nuclear proliferation.
October 25, 2006. Putin said that at the end of his term as Russian President in 2008, he will leave the Presidency, but may take on a new role in the Russian Government.
November 4, 2006. In Russia, hundreds were arrested at Ultra-Nationalist and Neo-Nazi rallies at more than 20 cities in Russia.
November 11, 2006. The U.S. and Russia agreed on Russia joining the WTO World Trade Organization.
November 12, 2006. In England the police were investigating the Thallium poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian defector who had previously worked for the KGB and later the FSB in Russia. He had met a man at a restaurant who had said he had information about the assassination of the woman journalist Anna Politkovskaya in Russia in October, but this man allegedly poisoned him.
December 28, 2006. Russia's state owned natural gas supplier threatened to cut off gas to Belarus.
Feb. 10, 2007. The planet Saturn was at opposition, where it is at its closest distance from earth. A strong Satanic influence in the world then, seen in The Antichrist Russian President Putin making an angry speech attacking the U.S., and clashes with Muslims at the Temple Mount site in Jerusalem.
February 16, 2007. Putin promotes the Russian Defense Sergei Ivanov to the post of Vice Premier.
March 4, 2007. In St. Petersburg Russia a protest over Russia retreating from democracy, resulted in police beating up and arresting the protestors. The protest was led by former world Chess champ Garry Kasparov.
May 18, 2007. The Russian Orthodox Church formally ended an 80 year rift that occurred because Russian overseas exiles did not accept Soviet Union government control of the Church. So full religious unity under Moscow was restored.
May 19, 2007. Two days of talks in Berlin between European Union leaders and Putin ended in disagreement over human rights issues in Russia.
May 23, 2007. The United Kingdom demanded from Russia the arrest and return to England of a former KGB agent, who they accused of allegedly poisoning Alexander Litvinenko in England in November 2006.
May 27, 2007. A crisis in the Ukraine with troops mobilized, over a power struggle between the Ukraine President and the Prime Minister.
June 4, 2007. Putin threatened Europe that he will aim missles at European targets, because of US plans of building a Missle Defense system in Eastern Europe. A definite sign of the evil Antichrist side of Putin emerging.
July 15-22, 2007. Russia announced that it was suspending the Arms Limitation Treaty with the U.S. because of the U.S. Missile Defense Plan.
August 2 2007, two Russian submarines descended to the ocean floor beneath the North Pole, where they planted a Russian Flag. Russia is claiming the arctic seabed which likely has vast reserves of oil and gas. This is an ambitious scheme by Putin to claim much of the Actic Ocean floor as belonging to Russia.
August 17 2007, Russia and China had a joint military exercise in Russia, as part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of Russia, China, and 4 former Soviet Union Central Asia countries, and Putin announced that Russia was resumiong long range bomber flights to intimidate the U.S.. Another sign of Putin emerging as Antichrist. And he gets his power from the dragon, China.
Sept 7, 2007. Putin is selling weapons to Indonesia, again arming Muslim countries, as he has armed Iran with missiles and nuclear technology.
Sept. 12, 2007. Putin names Zubkov as the new Premier in Russia, apparently Putin installing a puppet he can control.
Sept. 27, 2007. Gorbachev speaks of his concern about Putin bringing Russia back to the old ways of the Soviet Union police state, since Putin is portraying the Stalin "Reign of Terror" days as the "good old days". And Putin has been having his long range bombers fly close to U.S. territory, bringing back the old Cold War games.
Oct. 2, 2007. Putin announces that he may stay in power in Russia next year as Prime Minister, and that is what he did.
Oct. 16, 2007. Putin visits Iran, and while there with Iran's President, Putin puts out a warning to the U.S. to leave alone Iran. Putin making clear his military alliance with Iran.
Oct. 27, 2007. Putin said that a new Cuban Missile Crisis type confrontation could result from a Missile Defense System being deployed by the U.S. in Eastern Europe.
Nov. 1, 2007. Russia puts out a warning that they do not want foreign interference with the December 2 Parliamentary election.
Nov. 16, 2007. In St. Petersburg Russia, a peaceful demonstration against Putin results in police beating up and arresting the protesters.
Nov. 18, 2007. In Russia a religious cult is holed up in a cave, believing Doomsday comes in 2008, and is encouraged to leave the cave.
Dec. 1-2, 2007. Putin withdraws Russia from a European conventional arms treaty, that had limited military buildups in Europe. And Putin's party wins a big victory in the election for Russian Parliament, but it was alleged that Putin rigged the election.
Dec. 17, 2007. Putin announces that he intends to become Prime Minister of Russia following the March 2008 Russian Presidential election. And Russia sends more nuclear fuel to Iran.
Dec. 19, 2007. In the U.S., Time Magazine chose Putin to be its "Man of the Year".
Dec. 21, 2007. It is announced that Russia has signed an Asian pipeline agreement. Russia is becoming is major producer and controller of world energy supplies.
March 3, 2008. Election of Russia's new President Dmitry Medvedev.
April 1, 2008. Doomsday cult leaves a cave in Russia.
April 5, 2008. In Russia a meeting of President Bush and Putin. Differences bewtween them on Missile Defense were not settled.
April 6, 2008. Putin is 666 months old as the world reaches 6.66 billion people official population.
April 15, 2008. Putin becomes chairman of the United Russia Party.
May 8, 2008. Putin becomes Prime Minister of Russia.
June 8, 2008. Russian President Medvedev gives a warning on NATO expansion and blames the U.S. for the developing world economic crisis.
July 15, 2008. Russian President Medvedev said Russia intends to defend its international interests. Note that on July 8 there was a U.S.-Czech agreement on Missile Defense.
July 22, 2008. A Venezuela-Russia agreement on oil industry and military cooperation.
August 8, 2008. On 8/8/08 a Russia-Georgia war and Russian invasion of Georgia. It was evident then that Putin is still in charge in Russia.
Sept. 8, 2008. Russia agreed to send ships and planes to off South America for a joint military exercise with Venezuela.
Oct. 3, 2008. Putin made a statement that Ukraine had aided Georgia during the August 2008 Russia-Georgia war.
Oct. 12, 2008. A Russian missile test. A Russian submarine launched a missile that landed in the Pacific Ocean.
Dec. 10 2008. Putin creates a group to deal with Russia's economic downturn, the worst in 10 years.
Jan. 14 2009. Dispute over gas supplies from Russia to Ukraine and some European countries. A temporary gas shut-off.
Jan. 31 2009. Cuba-Russia friendship renewed.
July 6 2009. President Obama visited Moscow Russia, and agreed in talks there to negotiate a new nuclear weapons agreement with Moscow.
Aug. 13 2009. Putin goes to the breakaway area of Georgia, and promises to have a future military base built to solidify the Russian presence there.
Sept. 11 2009. Putin annouces Russia does not want to see sanctions against Iran. And Venezuela will be purchasing missiles from Russia.
Oct. 14 2009. A scary announcement from Russia that a first strike nuclear launching cannot be ruled out.
Oct. 18 2009. In the Crimea area, increased tension between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine asked for U.S. help.
Dec. 4, 2009. Putin said that he will consider possibly running for Russian President again in the next election in Russia.
December 30 2009. Russia announced that they may send a spacecraft to intercept an asteroid that could hit earth in a future year. But also there was a statement by Russian Prime Minister Putin about Russia developing new offensive strike missiles to maintain the balance of power with the U.S..
March 23 2010. It was announced that Russia will show posters of Stalin on May 9, the 65th anniversary of World War II victory in Europe. With Putin, a changing of opinion about Stalin, to put Stalin in a more favorable historical light.
April 8 2010. The Start Nuclear Weapons Reduction Treaty was signed by Russia and the U.S.. And Putin made a statement rationalizing the massacre of Polish Army officers by the Soviet Union at the start of World War II, explaining that Stalin was just reacting to a previous atrocity. Again Putin trying to rewrite history to put Stalin in a more favorable light, despite the fact that Stalin had murdered millions of the Russian people.
April 10 2010. A plane crashed in Russia, that was carrying Poland's President and other Polish political leaders. Some think this plane crash was suspicious and may not have been accidental.
June 28 2010. A ring of Russian spies were arrested in the U.S.. Likely a Putin scheme.
Aug. 7 2011. Forest fires in Russia, smoke in Moscow from them.
Nov. 17 2011. On trial in the U.S., a Russian weapons dealer called "The Merchant of Death".
Dec. 29, 2010. In the West, concern expressed over the conviction of a Russian oil billionaire who had been in opposition to Putin.
Jan. 4 2011. Kyryzstan names a mountain for Putin.
Jan. 25 2011. France agrees to sell 4 navy ships to Russia, capable of carrying helicopters.
May 23 2011. Fires in Siberia in Russia.
June 9 2011. Giant locust swarms in Russia.
June 17 2011. Eruption of 2 volcanoes on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula.
Aug. 21 2011. A Eurasian Economic Union was suggested as a idea for the region by Putin.
Sept. 6 2011. A new pipeline was opened by Putin pressing the button.
Sept. 24 2011. Putin announced he will be a candidate for Russian President in the March 2012 election.
Nov. 11 2011. Russia will be joining the WTO.
Dec. 5 2011. Putin's United Russia Party won the Parliamentary Elections in Russia. There were protests in Moscow over election fraud and ballot-stuffing.
Dec. 10 2011. A large election fraud protest in Moscow.
Dec. 25 2011. Protest over the election results in Moscow. Gorbachev made a statement that Putin should quit.
Jan. 29 2012. Another large protest against Putin in Moscow.
Feb. 23 2012. A Pro-Putin rally in Russia.
Feb. 26 2012. 6.7 earthquake in Siberia, Russia.
March 4 2012. Presidential Election in Russia, Putin is reelected Russian President for 6 years.
April 18 2012. Trial of imprisoned Pussy Riot girl rock band members in Russia, for desecration of a Russian Orthodox Church service, singing anti-Putin lyrics. So Putin has it in for them.
May 4 2012. A Russian military leader said that Russia may have a nuclear 1st strike on a US ABM system deployed in Europe.
June 12 2012. Anti-Putin rally in Russia, in Moscow.
July 27 2012. Trial in Russia of the Pussy Riot girls rock band.
Oct. 22 2012. Pussy Riot rock band members to serve 2 year sentences.
Nov. 4 2012. Protests in Moscow by Russian Nationalists.
Jan 14 2013. Russian scientists announced they have a water sample from Lake Vostok in Antarctica, under 2 miles of ice.
Feb. 15 2013. A meteor explosion in Russia in the Ural Mountains, relate to Revelation 9:1 and the rise of the Antichrist Putin in Russia.
Feb. 18 2013. Russia warned about planes flying over the Kamchatka Peninsula, there are 4 active volcanoes there, so volcano ash could be a hazard.
July 26 2013. Parole was not granted for 2 jailed women in the Pussy Riot girl band.
Aug. 1 2013. Snowden was granted 1 year of asylum in Russia.
Aug. 27 2013. Russia warning of severe consequences if there is a U.S. military strike in Syria.
Sept. 1 2013. 30 years since Boeing 747 Flight 007 was shot down over Siberia Russia.
Nov. 17 2013. Boeing 737 plane crash in Kazan Russia.
Dec. 2 2013. Protests in Ukraine because Ukraine is aligning with Russia instead of Europe.
Dec. 8 2013. Protests in Ukraine, a statue of Lenin was knocked over.
Dec. 24 2013. At Christmas a "Christ-like" Putin released from jail Pussy Riot women rock band members.
Jan. 1 2014. Latvia adopted the Euro for currency.
Jan. 21 2014. More violent protests in Ukraine.
Feb. 7 2014. Sochi Winter Olympics opened in Russia, it lasted Feb. 7-23.
Feb. 28 2014. Russian invasion of Crimea. Russian military exercises near Ukraine.
March 19 2015. Crimea was then officially part of Russia.
March 24 2015. Russia ejected from the G-8 nations by vote.
Sept. 20 2015. Russian planes seen near Alaska, met by U.S. fighter planes.
Sept. 21 2015. Sweden searched for a Russian submarine seen near Stockholm Sweden.
Oct. 29 2015. Russian military planes seen near NATO airspace.
Dec. 15 2015. Russian Ruble currency fell 10% in 1 day, it had been falling.
April 13 2016. A Russian fighter plane flew close to a U.S. Navy destroyer ship in the Baltic Sea.
May 5 2016. Russia warned Nato on increasing military forces on Russia's border.
August 16 2016. Russian bombers were bombing in Syria.
October 24 2016. In Russia a nuclear war practice evacuation drill involving 40 million people.

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