Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" and Finland

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I will discuss on this page the J.R.R. Tolkien movies and books, "The Lord of the Rings". The movies began with "The Fellowship of the Ring", and continued with "The Two Towers", and in 2003 "The Return of the King". Tolkien based some of his ideas for these books on Anglo-Saxon mythology of England, and also on the legends, language, and writings of Finland, including the Kalevala, a Finnish epic poem. In Eastern Finland near the Russian border, a dialect of the Finnish language existed as verses and songs passed on for hundreds of years in oral form; these had been collected in the Kalevala by Elias Lonnrot. Tolkien had been inspired by the Kalevala and the Finnish language, and used Finnish as the basis for the elve language in his books. So the elves speak a language similar to Finnish, and Finns are said to have psychic and magical powers, as the elves do in the Tolkien books.
The Kalevala was first published in 1835, and was a collection of Finnish folk poems. In 1849 an updated and enlargened version of the Kalevala was published. The Kalevala has tales of magic and sorcery, where the hero is a shaman who practices magic.

Also related to this is the Bock Saga, a New Age tale in Finland begun with Ior Bock, that is a tale that he says has been passed on in his family for thousands of years, and sounds much like the "Lord of the Rings". He says that his people have lived in Finland back to the time when modern man first migrated to Europe, as long as 100,000 years ago; and the oral story of the Finnish people was passed on in his family with each new generation; and he is the only surviving member of the family who has been told this story. He says that thousands of years ago there was an advanced arctic culture in Finland; and the actual Biblical Garden of Eden was there. This he said was the true Lord of the Rings homeland, Middle Earth. He says that it is important to locate and open the large Temple of Oden, or Temple of Lemminkainen, (who is mentioned in the Kalevala), which he says is located underground East of Helsinki. This he claims is the origin of the "Lord of the Rings" story also. He says there are large underground caves in Finland holding artistic and historical objects from this time thousands of years ago.
Bock says the temple was closed in 987 A.D., to prevent it being destroyed by Christian armies which would soon conquer that area, but it is now time to reopen the temple, which is buried deep underground. Ior Bock was previously a tourist guide at a museum in Finland. So far, however, nothing of significance has been discovered at these sites. On the other hand, discovery of the buried temple could hold the key to the future of the world, and the defeat of the forces of darkness, of the new evil arising in the word today with terrorism. Bock says there are other locations in Finland where there are things buried in caves, and it is now time to rediscover them.

This we will relate here to the prophecies of the Bible's Book of Revelation, and the rise of the evil Antichrist, who I think is former Russian President Putin, who in Tolkien's books would be Sauron, Dark Lord of Mordor, and his followers would be Orcs and Ringwraiths.
Note that Finland is located next to Russia, and in the past has been attacked and intimidated by the Soviet Union. In 1939, Finland was attacked by Stalin's Red Army, I think Stalin would represent then the Dark Lord Sauron and his Red Army would be the Orcs. Finland was able to block temporarily the attack of Russia's army on their small country, but had to give Stalin territory in a 1940 peace treaty; perhaps their magical powers were working for them then, in that they escaped a Soviet takeover of their country, during and after World War 2.
But as for today, as I explain on the page on Russia, I think Russian President Putin is the evil one who is the Satanic imitation of Christ in the Bible's Book of Revelation prophecies Chapter 13.
Personally, I am not sure on this, whether or not the Bock Saga is a true story or a fantastic tale invented by Bock. But I think it is worth investigating further for more evidence of buried temples there.
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