Calendar, 1998-2002 -- New Age, Bible prophecy, King James version Bible Code, and Astrology interpretation of world events

A listing below of some important dates, recent past (1998-2002), of importance to the theories of Revelation 13. This calendar is also continued for 2003 - 2023, 2024 and beyond.

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February 26, 1998. During a solar eclipse, planets were clustered in two adjacent signs of the Zodiac, which indicates this was a very important eclipse astrologically:
--the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in Pisces
--Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius
Note that Osama bin Laden's declaration of war against the U.S. was on Feb. 23, 1998, 3 days before. See this page also.

April 22, 23, 1998. A close astronomical conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, within 1/2 degree, and on April 22 the moon was close to them also. This was seen in the early morning sky, to the east-south-east. I would also associate this with the Antichrist, another. sign he appeared in year 2000, as Russian President Putin. There was a much closer conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on June 17, 2 B.C., which may account for the Star of Bethlehem. On May 17, 2000, there was a very close approach of Venus and Jupiter, but too close to the sun to be seen.

July 16-17, 1998. The royal family died in Russia 80 years ago, in 1994 the comet crashed into Jupiter (July 16-22), and two years ago the Flight 800 crash.
July 22-23, 1998. July 22 is the day of Mary Magdellan on the Catholic Calendar, and July 23 is the anniversary of the discovery of Comet Hale-Bopp.
August 4, 1998. Mars and Venus had a close Astronomical conjunction, where they were seen to be within 1 degree of each other, on August 4.
Jan. 5, 1999. Astronomical close approach within 2 degrees of Neptune and Venus on Jan. 5, 1999; a sign of world chaos in the "sea" of world politics in 1999 and 2000, which began with the war in Yugoslavia in April 1999.
Jan. 22, 1999. Neptune in conjunction with the sun.
Feb. 3, 1999. 40th anniversary of "the day the music died" -- the plane crash death in Iowa of the great rock singer Buddy Holly on Feb. 3, 1959.
Feb. 5, 1999. On Feb. 5, 1962, there was a significant astrological event -- a close grouping of 7 planets in the sign of Aquarius within 17 degrees, at the same time as a solar eclipse. The psychic Jean Dixon said in the book "A Gift of Prophecy" by Ruth Montgomery, that the Antichrist was born on that day in 1962.
Feb. 11, 1999. Pluto today again becomes the furthest planet from the sun, for the next 230 years. For the last 20 years, Neptune was farther from the sun than Pluto. Pluto representing Death, the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, and Neptune is the sea of politics the Antichrist rises out of, so this could indicate change in the world.
Feb. 23, 1999, Venus and Jupiter were seen to approach within .2 degree in the sky, even closer than the April 22 1998 conjunction.
March 19, 1999, Saturn and Venus approached (as seen in the sky) within 2.5 degrees.
June 24, 1999. The Cassini spacecraft to Saturn went by Venus again.
July 21, 1999. Note that July 20 is the 30th anniversary of the first landing on the moon, and July 23 is the fourth anniversary of the discovery of Comet Hale-Bopp, and July 22 is the Day of Mary Magdalen on the Catholic Calendar (who according to some accounts was actually married to Jesus Christ, and had children by him whose descendants were kings of of Southern France, the Merovingian Kings). Also, note that it was July 16-22 when there was the comet collision with Jupiter in 1994.
July 28, 1999. A partial lunar eclipse, and the Grand Cross Astrology pattern started forming, it reached the ultimate cross shape on August 18. The cross pattern gave a high energy to this lunar eclipse on July 28, the solar eclipse on August 11, and the maximum Grand Cross on August 18.
August 11-18, 1999. August 11, a total solar eclipse over Europe (including a total eclipse in Munich Germany, a city associated with Hitler's rise to power-- giving this eclipse an Antichrist connection, since Hitler was a type of Antichrist), and August 18, a Grand Cross Astrological pattern of the planets in a cross shape, the most unusual astrological pattern of the century. I would associate this pattern with the Antichrist, especially since it is a bent cross. Note that Vladimir Putin was appointed Prime Minister of Russia on August 9, 1999, becoming acting President on Dec. 31, 1999, I believe he may be the Antichrist. The August 1999 Grand Cross pattern may have predicted the emergence of the Antichrist in Russia in year 2000 as Putin.

Sept. 9, 99. 9-9-99 is 6666 upside-down, so a Satanic influence at work, which was seen in the formation then of super - Hurricane Floyd in the Atlantic, and it resulted in property damage in the Bahamas and the U.S. East Coast.

Sept. 14, 1999. A large solar flare is related to the rise of the Antichrist in Russia.
Source: SOHO (ESA & NASA)

October 12, 1999. World population reaches 6 billion.

Nov. 27, 1999. Tidal wave from an undersea earthquake hit Pentecost Island in the Pacific Ocean near Australia. Interesting because of the religious association of the word. Pentecost is in the spring (Christian Pentecost was May 22 in 1999) and is associated by Christians with the descent of the Holy Spirit descending. Also, some Christian writers have suggested that The Rapture will take place on Pentecost, The Rapture supposedly being the sudden dissapearance of millions of people from earth (I think the Rapture idea is unlikely and a misinterpretation of the Bible). This tidal wave could relate to the "Southern Cross Effect" discussed previously.
Dec. 21, 1999. Catholic Day of St. Thomas, and the day after winter solstice. Significant because some nonbiblical writings claimed that Thomas was the twin brother of Christ, and even a second Christ. And Thomas supposedly ended up in India, giving him sort of a New Age connection. Note that the moon had a close approach to earth, the closest in many years, on Dec. 22, 1999. Also note the Russian parliamentary elections were on Dec. 19, 1999.
Below: This solar photo of a giant solar flare on Dec. 22, 1999, announces the rise of the Antichrist to power.
Source: SOHO (ESA & NASA)

December 26, 1999. Very powerful winds hit Europe from a storm, gusts reached 105 MPH in France. Wind damage in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria. The strongest winds to hit Paris in 50 years. Winds hit 124 MPH in Germany and 136 MPH in Austria. These are the winds of change for Europe, major changes will hit Europe soon, from the emergence of the Antichrist in year 2000 in Russia. Note this was the day after Christmas, and Dec. 25 is also the anniversary of the birth of the new Russia in 1991 (the nation of the Antichrist, Russia, born on Christmas?).
December 31, 1999. Yeltsin resigned today, making Vladimir Putin the new acting Russian President. See the Putin page for speculation on Putin being the Antichrist.
Jan. 6,7, 2000. Christmas observance in Russia, Yeltsin visited the Holy Land for Christmas celebration there. Five bishops were ordained in Red China's imitation and unauthorized Catholic Church (this was not recognized in Rome by the Vatican, which does not consider China's imitation church to be Catholic).

Jan. 2000. A large solar flare shown below is related to the Antichrist coming to power.
Source: SOHO (ESA & NASA)

Jan. 20, 2000. Total eclipse of the moon, seen in North America. Eclipse began 1001 PM EST, peaked at 1144 PM EST, ends 126AM EST Jan. 21. A powerful omen, related to the rise of the Antichrist in Russia.
March 25-26, 2000. March 25 on the Catholic calendar, Feast of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This commemorates when Mary was told by an angel that she would give birth to Christ. Note the Pope was in Nazareth, Israel, where Christ was from, on this day, and Presidential elections in Russia were on March 26 (birth of Antichrist in Russia).
April 12, 2000. Three planets (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) were seen to be clustered together in the evening sky. This grouping of planets is of interest because it is similar to a group of planets in the spring of 6 B.C. near the time of the birth of Christ. It may now relate to the rise of the Antichrist.
April 16, 2000. Palm Sunday, and Mars was closest to Saturn after sunset, 2 degrees from it. The planets were then gathering into a grouping that peaked on May 5.
April 30, 2000. Contrasting energies on this day, maybe relating to the May 5 planetary alignment.
May 5, 2000. An ominous alignment of planets, moon and sun on one side of the earth, I would relate this to the May 7 2000 inauguration of President Putin in Russia (the Antichrist). See my web page on 5/5/2000.
And note that April 2000 is a 666 day interval, see the section on 666 day intervals.

May 17, 2000. Venus and Jupiter had a very close astronomical conjunction, but were too close to the sun to be seen. Again, I would associate this conjunction with the Antichrist. Mercury and Mars on May 18 were only one degree apart. May 19 has a powerful Satanic energy -- a small asteroid nearly hit earth on this day 4 years ago.
May 28, 2000. Astrological conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, an important Astrological event.
May 31, 2000. Jupiter and Saturn were close in the early morning sky.
June 6, 2000. A large solar flare on 6/6/2000 shown in this SOHO satellite photo announces the rise of the Antichrist.
Source: SOHO (ESA & NASA)

July 1, 2000. Princess Diana birth anniversary (1961), and a partial eclipse of the sun today, visible from Southern Chile-- the Southern Cross effect is strong today.
July 16, 2000. Lunar eclipse, best seen in Australia and New Zealand. I would relate this eclipse to the Southern Cross effect discussed earlier. Note that the comet crashed into Jupiter on this day in 1994, so this will be exactly 6 years later. And July 17 is the 4th anniversary of the Flight 800 crash, July 20 is the anniversary of the moon landing, July 22 is the day of Mary Magdellan on the Catholic Calendar, and July 23 is the Comet Hale-Bopp discovery anniversary. And Comet C/1999 S4 LINEAR, of Magnitude 4-6, had its closest approach to earth on July 21, and its closest approach to the sun on July 26, and broke up around July 26, after never getting very bright. It was discovered on Sept. 27 1999 (on the Catholic Calendar the day of Saints Cosmas and Damian-- Damian is of course the name of the Antichrist in the "Damian" movies) in Socorro New Mexico by the LINEAR team. Interesting it peaked in brightness at this time of year. A sign of the Antichrist? This comet may be a sign of the the Antichrist in August 2000. The Antichrist may be Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin was born near the date of the H-bomb test in November 1952, and a similar word "peten" in Hebrew means "cobra". And Putin became Prime Minster in August 1999 when there was the solar eclipse over Europe and the Grand Cross Astrology pattern I associate with the Antichrist. So there are many very ominous signs concerning Putin.
Russian President Putin visited Red China on July 18, 2000, and signed a miltary alliance with China (the bear-dragon alliance is forming). And the Colosseum in Rome saw its first use in 1500 years, staging a Greek play, on July 19, 2000.

Above: Aug. 5 2000 Hubble Space Telescope photo of fragments of Comet LINEAR after it broke up in July 2000(Source: NASA)

July 30, 2000. Partial eclipse of the sun, visible in Siberia, Northwestern Canada and Alaska.
August, 2000. Jupiter and Saturn were both in the sign of Gemini.
Aug. 10, 2000. Mars and Mercury had a very close conjunction seen at dawn.
Aug. 12, 2000. The Shroud of Turin went on display in the Turin Italy cathedral until Oct. 22. It is believed by many people to be the burial cloth of Christ.
Aug. 18, 2000. One year ago was the unusual Grand Cross Astrology alignment I have associated with the Antichrist. Note that Putin began his rise to power in Russia then.
Aug. 20, 2000. Pluto (Astrologically) stopped retrograde motion and turned forward (Astrologically at 10 degrees Sagittarius) for the next 7 months.
Aug. 22, 2000. Moon seen in the sky near Saturn and Jupiter this morning, and Mercury at superior conjunction (not visible). A strong Satanic power to this day.
Aug. 31, 2000. Ominous day on the calendar, anniversary of Princess Diana's death. Ominous events have occurred near this day in history: On Sept. 1, 1939, World War 2 began, on Sept. 2, 1666, the great fire of of London. On Aug. 31, 1994, there was a Grand Water Trine Astrology pattern of planets in an exact triangle shape. Note that on Sept. 4, 2000, Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming in the U.S. was closed because of a wildfire 2 miles away; fires in the American West had been a major problem for several weeks. And at this time (Sept. 4 2000) Russian President Putin was visiting Japan. And note that the U. N. Millennium Summit, to discuss how to achieve peace in the world, was held at the U. N. on Sept. 6, 2000,with a large number of world leaders speaking.
Sept. 19, 2000. Moon seen near Saturn and Jupiter this morning, so a strong Satanic energy this day.
Sept. 25, 2000. Moon near Mars this morning. Mars is frequently associated with war and international crisis.
October 16, 17, 2000. Moon near Saturn Oct. 16, and moon near Jupiter Oct. 17. Note that trouble errupted in the Middle East at this time (October 2000), and Ebola Disease had an outbreak in Africa in October 2000. See the section on the Ebola virus, note that it can twist into a shape like a 6 (as in 666), and it is the deadliest virus on earth, it kills in 1 week with a 50-90% death rate. Note this Ebola outbreak in Uganda Africa is near the source of the Nile River, bringing to mind the plagues in Egypt in the time of Moses, when the river was turned to blood (making one think of Ebola, where people bleed to death).
Oct. 30, 2000. Mercury inferior conjunction, and Devil's Night. Oct. 31 is Halloween. A powerful Satanic energy this year at Halloween, note there was more trouble in the Middle East, and the Ebola outbreak continued in Uganda Africa.
Nov. 1-2. The first crew of the International Space Station reached it, and the crew was 66.6% Russian. And fighting in Bethlehem, Israel.
Nov. 7, 2000. U.S. election day.
Nov. 17, 2000. Leonid meteors peaked. And Nov. 15 was Jewish calendar day Heshvan 17, the day the worldwide flood began according to the Bible, Genesis 7:11. And November 19, Saturn /Satan was at opposition, peak brightness. All this adds up to trouble, and there were more problems in the Middle East then, and diseases. And Nov. 21, the moon was near Mars in the morning -- implying possible war or international crisis (there was more trouble in the Middle East then). Nov. 28, Jupiter was at its brightest at opposition.
Dec. 8, 2000. Catholic Day of Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. Note that on this day in 1991, the CIS agreement was signed in Minsk, Belarus, giving birth to the new Russia, and the Satanic forces were set in motion there. The Moon is seen between a bright Jupiter and Saturn on the evening of December 9. A powerful Satanic energy at work
Dec. 25, 2000. Christmas Day has a partial solar eclipse over North America, a powerful omen for the new Millennium. Note that on this day in 1991 the Russian flag was raised in Moscow, a sign of the evil Satanic force that is growing in Russia, that could result in the Antichrist rising to power there.

Dec. 29. Crescent moon near Venus this evening. Note that Putin chose a new national anthem for Russia then, which appears to be Putin trying to imitate his old hero Stalin.
December 30, 2000. Cassini spacecraft flew by Jupiter on its way to Saturn / Satan.
Jan. 1, 2001. The new millennium actually began (Jan. 1, 2000 was actually a media-invented false millennium beginning). The new millennium actually began on this date (Jan. 1, 2001) since it was then 2000 years from Jan. 1, 1 A.D..
Jan. 9, 2001. Total lunar eclipse, seen in Northeastern-most Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia.
Jan. 22, 2001. Mercury passed .4 degrees from Uranus. And Jan. 23, 2 years ago astronomers detected the strongest ever gamma ray burst from space.
Jan. 24, 2001, the Chinese year 4699 of the snake begins (snake -- a Biblical Satanic connection, may represent here the Antichrist). Several planets grouped Jan. 24 in the astrology sign of Aquarius (sun, moon, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune) give this day a strong Aquarian energy -- new ideas and inventions, new conciousness. And in India Jan. 24, there was a major Hindu event where millions gather to bathe in the River Ganges, this event occurs only every twelve years, and it is associated by Hindus with accelerating the process of reincarnation towards Nirvana. This was the largest gathering of humanity in history. And note that on Jan. 31, 2001, the Lockerbie plane crash trial of 2 Libyans in the Netherlands resulted in 1 Libyan found guilty, the other not guilty, see the plane crash section for more on Lockerbie and how it relates to Putin ("Put" in the Bible was Libya).
Feb. 2, 2001. Venus was seen at its brightest, as bright as it gets, it is high in the evening sky. Feb. 1 was Yeltsin's 70th birthday.
Feb. 13, 2001. Mercury had its inferior conjunction with the sun, which is not visible on earth. I would associate this with improved communications. Note that the decoding of the "Book of Life", the number of genes in human DNA, was announced on Feb. 12. And on Feb 12, the spacecraft that had been orbiting the asteroid Eros, crash-landed on it. And on Feb. 7, the Space Shuttle was launched bringing the "Destiny" module to the International Space Station.
April 13, 2001. Good Friday, and also the Friday the Thirteenth, so a very ominous Good Friday. Note this is the first Easter of the true new millennium beginning with 2001. Note that large numbers of sheep, pigs, and cattle were being destroyed and buried in pits then in England, because of foot-and-mouth disease in sheep, cattle, and pigs in England. This may represent the "slaying of the lamb" (Christ), in Revelation 5, which represents the crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday. As stated in Revelation 5, this may mean the opening of the seven seals of Revelation, unleashing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (the Antichrist, war, economic disaster, death by disease epidemics), and also great earthquakes and asteroids or comets hitting earth. All this may hit soon.
April 20, 2001. Note that today a large dust cloud that had originated in Mongolia and Asia, passed over New England today. Also note that April 20 is Hitler's birthday. And Astrologically Saturn ("Satan") entered Gemini (from Taurus) today. Note that early April 2001 saw tension increase with Red China, after a Red China jet plane collided with a U.S. Navy plane off China, and the U.S. Navy plane had to land on Chinese territory, followed by Red China holding as hostages the American Navy plane crew until their release on April 11.
April 30, 2001. Walpurgisnacht, when witches are supposed to gather. A strong Satanic energy.
May 5, 2001. One year ago the unusual lineup of planets in a row, and 2 days later, May 7, 2000, Putin (probable Antichrist) inaugurated as Russian President.
May 16, 2001. The planet Mercury occults (passes in front of) Jupiter.
May 23, 2001. Moon occults (passes in front of) Saturn. Note there was a giant wildfire in Florida, then.
June 1, 2001. China announced it was beginning a large military exercise in China off the coast near Taiwan, to demonstrate its ability apparently to attack Taiwan. The largest military exercise in years by Red China.
June 3, 2001. Christian Pentecost, a positive energy today. Note that June 6 is 6/6/2001. And June 5 is the 20th anniversary of the first reporting of the AIDS disease (first found in five men in Los Angeles in 1981).
June 13, 2001, Mars, associated with war, at opposition, at its brightest in 13 years. June 14, Jupiter astronomical conjunction with the sun. And June 15 a giant dust storm was first seen on Mars, that covered half the planet by September; another indicator of war. And we saw war come with the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack against the U.S., including New York City's World Trade Center. Also, note that on June 15, 2001, Russian President Putin formed the six nation Shanghai Alliance against the U.S. with China and four other Asian nations. And also on June 15, 2001, Putin's legalized land sale law advanced through the Russian Parliament, the inability to sell land being one reason for the economic chaos in Russia the previous 10 years.
June 19, 2001, moon occulted Saturn. June 21, total solar eclipse was seen in South Atlantic, Southern Africa, Madagascar, India Ocean. And July 5, a partial lunar eclipse was seen in Australia.
July 13-15, 2001. July 13 Mercury passed 1.9 degrees from Jupiter, and Jupiter entered the astrology sign of Cancer (leaving Gemini). July 15 Venus passed .7 degrees from Saturn. And July 17, the moon occulted Saturn. Note that July 20 was the 32nd anniversary of the landing on the moon, and July 22 was the St. Mary Magdellan Day on the Catholic calendar, significant because of the legend she was actually married to Jesus Christ, and that her descendants became kings of ancient France. Powerful Satanic forces were at work, as evidenced by events at that time: July 16, 2001, China's leader was in Moscow, and signed a Friendship Treaty with Russia; this is the dragon-bear alliance. And July 20, China and Ukraine's President met and issued a joint statement opposing the U.S..
August 5, 2001. Mercury astronomical superior conjunction with the sun. A bright Jupiter was near a bright Venus in the morning sky, with Saturn above them. Note Aug. 6 was the anniversary of the Abomb dropped on Japan in 1945.
Aug. 14-20 2001. Two unusual crop circles appeared in England near a radio telescope that could be Alien ET related: an alien looking face, and near it an apparent alien message, similar to but different from a message previously broadcast from earth from a radio telescope. It appears this may be an answer to the previously broadcast message.
Aug. 15, 2001. At dawn, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and the moon were seen in a row. Important international developments. Aug. 23 is the 62nd anniversary of the Germany-Soviet Union Nonagression Treaty of August 1939, and 31 years after that there was a West Germany-Soviet Union Treaty signed, 31 years being 666x17 days, 62 years being 2x 31 years. Also, on Aug. 17, 2001, it was announced that the tomb of Genghis Khan may have been found in Mongolia, bringing to mind the Nostradamus prophecy of a "king of terror" who is a returned "King of the Mongols" (Genghis Khan). This could mean that the Tomb of Genghis Khan will soon be opened, and out of this tomb will come the new terror of mankind, with Genghis Khan returned as Putin. Genghis Khan murdered millions around 1200 AD in the process of conquering much of the known world, including much of Russia.
Sept. 11, 2001. Terrorist attacks on the U.S., beginning the War against Terrorists discussed on this page. Note that Sept. 12 the moon was seen very close in the sky to Jupiter.
Sept. 24, 2001. A large solar flare erupted from the sun. This again would symbolize September 11.
Oct. 8, 2001. The sunken Russian submarine Kursk was raised.
Oct. 29, 2001. Near sunrise, Mercury at greatest elongation from the sun is seen .5 degree from Venus, and is within 1 degree of Venus through Nov. 7. Note that this was 7 years since the signing of a peace treaty between Jordan and Israel. Also note that at this time the bodies of Russian sailors were removed from the sunken Russian submarine Kursk. And Putin signed into law a law allowing the sale of urban land in Russia, which is a great step forward in Putin's reforming Russia's economy and laws.
Nov. 30, 2001. The moon occulted (passed in front of) Saturn, a powerful Satanic energy this day. Note that in Japan a Crown Princess was born the next day, December 1, 2001, the moon being associated with childbirth. And China (which is the Satanic Red Dragon) became officially a member of the World Trade Organization on December 11, 2001.
Dec. 3-4, 2001. The moon was near Jupiter this morning, and Mercury at superior conjunction with the sun.
Dec. 8, 2001. Catholic Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1991, 10 years ago, the CIS agreement was signed and the Soviet Union was dissolved. Note that Dec. 7 is the Pearl Harbor attack anniversary.
Dec. 13, 2001. Several planets in the astrology sign of sagittarius (the horse-man): Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Pluto.
Dec. 14, 2001. Annular solar eclipse began near Hawaii, crossed Cental America. And the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, dedicated to John who was author of the Book of Revelation, was damaged by a fire on December 18, 2001.
Dec. 21, 2001. Catholic Day of St. Thomas, Apostle, thought by some to be a twin brother of Christ.
Dec. 28, 2001. The moon occulted (passed in front of) Saturn, seen in parts of North America, a Satanic energy, with Saturn connected with Satan. Note the Satanic energy in the world then: increased tension between India and Pakistan, riots in Argentina from the economic collapse there, fires in Australia send smoke over Sydney.
Dec. 30, 2001. Prenumbral lunar eclipse.
Jan. 1, 2002. Jupiter at opposition, closest to Earth, and at its brightest in years, and directly overhead during New York City's New Years Eve celebration, with Saturn nearby it. Jupiter is associated with the Antichrist. Note the signs of an increased Satanic energy in the world then: there was increased tension between Pakistan and India, Ebola disease was loose in Africa, fires in Australia sent smoke over Sydney Australia, and riots in Argentina from the economic collapse, read my page on the destiny of the Southern Hemisphere and the Southern Cross Effect. The Dec. 28, 2001 occultation of Saturn by the moon, Saturn representing Satan, combined with a December 30, 2001 prenumbral lunar eclipse, and with Jupiter at its brightest overhead, results in a powerful Satanic energy in the world at this time. Also refer to my page on geographic coordinates to see how that relates to current events.
Jan. 19, 2002. 8-8-8 degree Astrology pattern, with three planets at 8 degrees: Jupiter at 8 degrees Cancer, Saturn at 8 degrees Gemini, Neptune at 8 degrees Aquarius. 888 being associated with Christ (because "Jesus" in Greek totals 888 if you add up the letters which are also numbers in Greek), just as 666 is associated with the Antichrist, this normally indicates a strong Christ energy. But possibly with the increased Satanic energy at the start of the year, this could relate to the rise of the Antichrist, who I think is former Russian President Putin. Also, this page has more on 666 and 888 degree Astrology patterns.
Jan. 24, 2002. The Moon passed .08 degrees North of Saturn. And Jan. 26, the Moon occulted Jupiter. Note that Jan. 30, a Southern Hemisphere Comet C2000 WM1 (LINEAR) reached peak brightness at magnitude 2.3, and a new comet Ikeya-Zhang was discovered in China and Japan on Feb. 1, 2002.
Feb. 2002. A 666-day interval date, possibly significant for the Antichrist. On Feb. 23, the Moon occulted Jupiter, only seen in Europe. Note that this was 40 years since the Feb. 5, 1962 astrological planetary grouping that former psychic Jean Dixon connected with the rise of the Antichrist.
Feb. 27, 2002. It was announced in the news that scientists are concerned that a large 12 mile by 6 mile piece of a volcano in Hawaii has slipped several inches toward the sea, which raises the possibility of it one day becoming a giant landslide that creates a huge tidal wave that hits along the Pacific Coast including California.
March 18, 2002. Comet Ikeya-Zhang, a barely visible (to the unaided eye) comet, was at perihelion, closest to the sun. Note the name "Ikeya" reminds one of the word "key" in the Revelation 1:17, 18 (King James version) passage concerning Christ:
"...I am the first and the last. I am he that liveth, and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death."
This passage concerning Christ could also fit President Putin, the Antichrist, since Putin has the keys to the nuclear weapons that Russia possesses. Note events at that time: in March 2002 a very large iceberg broke off Antarctica, and on March 23 it was announced that a large dark area of sea water stretching for miles was seen in ocean water off the Florida Keys (note again, the word "key"). Note that Easter was on March 31, and it saw fighting in Bethlehem, with tanks there.

April 30 - May 2002. On April 30, 2002, Comet Ikeya-Zhang was closest to earth, on what is Walpurgisnacht, a night when witches are said to gather; this comet was then dimly visible in most of the U.S.. Also, groupings of 5 planets were seen in the sky in April-May 2002. In particular, on May 5, 2002; there was a conjunction (close approach) of the three planets Venus, Mars, Saturn within 3 degrees. Interesting that this was exactly 2 years after the May 5, 2000, plantary alignment, at the time of Putin's inauguration as Russian President. Note that Putin negotiated a new treaty with Nato on Arms Control and nuclear weapons reductions in May 2002. Venus was close (2 degrees separation) to Saturn on May 7, 2002. Also, on May 10, 2002, Venus passed within .3 degree of Mars, as seen in the sky. The Astrology chart for May 5, 2002, shown below, shows a grouping of 4 planets in the Astrological sign of Gemini. What is different from May 2000, is here in May 2002 you can see the planetary grouping in the sky, in May 2000 the planetary grouping was too close to the sun to see. Note that in July 2002 an asteroid was discovered that could hit earth in 2019.

May 26, 2002. Lunar eclipse. And June 3, 2002, Venus is 1.6 degrees from Jupiter.
June 10, 2002, Annular solar eclipse seen in the Pacific Ocean, Mexico, Indonesia.
June 24, 2002. Lunar eclipse. Note that July 1, 2002, was the 40th anniversary of the birth of Princess Diana. And on July 2, Mercury was seen only .2 degrees from Saturn, and there was economic chaos in July 2002. And July 3 Mars passed .8 degree from Jupiter. Note that in July 2002 an asteroid was discovered that could hit earth in 2019. Also, on June 29, 2002, water was seen dripping from a damp area on the Wailing Wall, in Jerusalem, Israel. The Wailing Wall is the only remaining piece of the Second Temple that was destroyed in 70 A.D.. In Israel this water dripping from the Wailing Wall was considered to be a prophetic sign indicating the Messiah will come soon.
August 17, 2002. Asteroid 2002 NY40 passes by earth, at 330,000 miles away, a bit farther out than the moon. About 1/2 mile wide, if it hit earth it would not be a planet-killer but it could do significant damage to the human race.
Sept. 17, 2002. Note that on Sept. 17, 2002, at the Great Pyramid in Egypt, a robot (broadcast live on TV worldwide) explored a narrow 8 inch shaft in the Pyramid, and drilled a hole through a door blocking the shaft to see beyond the door. What was seen beyond this door was a small space and then another door. This was a great moment in archaeological history, since for many years there has been much speculation about what is beyond that door in this shaft. The significance of this may relate to the rise of the Antichrist who is Russian President Putin; on the pages on Russia and also on Hebrew I relate Putin to Egypt, the Egyptian Sun God Ra (that was the god of the Egyptian Pharoah), and the cobra, the deadly snake that was a symbol of Ra (in Hebrew "cobra" is pronounced "peten", similar to "Putin"), and also note Rasputin (the mad monk of Czarist Russia) sounds like Ra-put-in or Ra-peten (Ra's cobra, or evil Cobra in Hebrew). Also I show how a geographical diamond shape is formed by the location of the pyramids in Egypt; St. Petersburg Russia where Putin was born; Rome in Italy; Hitler's birthplace in Austria; Stalin's birthplace in Georgia; and Stalingrad in Russia where Hitler was defeated by Stalin. The significance of the opening of this door in this shaft in the pyramids may indicate events will occur soon related to Putin rising to power as Antichrist, eventually establishing himself as a pharoah-like dictator, who is worshipped as a deity, initially in Russia, and then in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Perhaps a door was opened for the return of the Egyptian Pharoah as Putin, the Antichrist. Was this door the Gates of Hell? This sounds like the movie "The Mummy", where a mad Egyptian priest is awakened in Egypt, and causes plagues on Earth. Note that Pharoah Khufu (also called Cheops) who built the Great Pyramid said that he was Ra the Sun God during his lifetime, whereas usually the pharoahs were said to become Ra after their death. Also note that the Great Pyramid was built 4500 years ago (10x450 years), and the number 450 can be related in a Biblical context to the Old Testament prophet Elijah destroying the 450 False Prophets of Baal; note that the Russian parliament, the Duma, has 450 members, who we can compare to the 450 False Prophets of Baal, with Putin as the evil deity Baal. Also, refer to my page on the American psychic Jean Dixon's prophecy that a man descended from an earlier Egyptian pharoah would create a unifying world religion after year 2000. Also, note that Osama bin Laden is similar to the evil priest in the movie "The Mummy"; Osama I think is an evil demon in the Book of Revelation Chapter 9 called "The Destroyer".
Sept. 24, 2002. A bright meteor was seen in Siberia, Russia. Relate this to Putin reaching 50 years old on October 7.
Nov. 6, 2002. Comet NEAT was discovered, at about the time SARS disease began in China. Note there was a giant solar flare with a "keyhole" shape in this photo taken by the NASA SOHO solar satellite on Oct. 24, 2002. This may relate to SARS being a deadly disease and therefore one of the "keys of hell and death", and also the Antichrist Putin having the "keys to Hell and Death"-- missles and nuclear weapons, (as quoted from Revelation 1:17, 18):
"1:17... Fear not; I am the first and the last:
18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death."

The Oct. 24, 2002 SOHO solar photo
Source: SOHO (ESA & NASA)

Nov. 13, 2002. 1000 years ago today English King Aethelred's secret attempt at ethnic cleansing of all Danes living in England resulted in the death of Gunnhilda, sister of Danish King Sweyn. An angered King Sweyn responded with 10 years of invasion and war against England. Aethelred learned the hard way to not mess with Vikings; Aethelred was not one of England's better rulers. And note that Dec. 2, 1942, 60 years before this, there was the first nuclear chain reaction.
Dec. 4, 2002. Total solar eclipse, seen over Australia, Indian Ocean, Angola, Mozambique in Africa. and Dec. 6 Venus reached maximum brightness. Note that on Dec. 7 2002 it was announced that in Japan the number Pi had been calculated to a record 1.24 trillion places, a new Math record. Relate this to Revelation 12:4, where the red dragon is seen in heaven and hurls stars to earth. Also note Dec. 13 was Friday the 13th, and Japan for the first time launched a satellite, an Australian satellite, with its H2A rocket, relate this to the Dec. 4 2002 solar eclipse over Australia, and the Southern Cross effect discussed on this page. Hope for the world will eventually come from the Southern Hemisphere, with the 1987 supernova brightning to visibility then like a new Star of Bethlehem.
Dec. 17, 2002. Saturn at opposition, closest to earth. Significant events at this time:
-- On Dec. 19, 2002, a major event in Cambodia where Buddha's remains were moved to a new shrine, a million people joined in the festivities.
-- A powerful storm with 100 mph winds hit the California coast then
-- Paris was seeing the worst floods in 90 years from the River Seine
--SARS disease started spreading in China
So Christmas 2002 had Saturn/Satan at his brightest.

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